About Us

                         We are a Veteran owned company that was established in 2015.  We found the most durable and indestructible material to handle the strongest breed possible.  Our collars and leashes our made from 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel.  These chains and leashes will never stain, corrode, rust, turn black or oxidize.  What this all means to you is that your HDK LUX Dog Chain or Leash will preserve its incredible polish for many decades to come.

                        During our growth, we have been able to sponsor some highly recognized American Bullies from around the world.  Hachi from MUTANT MADE Bullies, located in Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Unique from Unique Bullys, located in Germany, and many social media influencers.

Our Mission

To help canines lead healthier and more fulfilling lives thorough active lifestyles.  Our brand represents a movement of empowering individuals to better their canines physically and mentally.  Changing culture in the pet world.  Our HDK LUX Products maintain an outstanding 5/5 stars rating-even on an unbiased public reviews.  

Top quality products

We have partnered with the many companies , to provide you with a one of a kind experience.

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