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HDK LUX DOG CHAINS, founded in 2015 by Monty V. Dupree and Brenda E. Dupree, originates from Houston, Texas, driven by their entrepreneurial spirit. Monty's extensive 18-year tenure with the U.S. military guided the pursuit of the most durable materials, resulting in the development of a sturdy dog collar and leash under the HDK LUX Dog Chains brand.

The inception of HDK LUX Dog Chains arose due to the absence of stylish, high-quality collars tailored for larger dog breeds in the pet jewelry market. This led to the quest for the most resilient metal capable of enduring a lifetime and meeting the demands of handling sizable dogs. The result was a dog collar crafted from solid marine-grade 316L stainless steel, offering perpetual shine and antimicrobial properties, distinctly setting it apart from fabric and leather alternatives in terms of odor retention and longevity.

          Creating these dog collars required not just a visually striking design but also a stringent focus on durability and practicality. Rigorous testing on 180-pound pitbulls from Hell Hound Bullies validated the strength and functionality of the product throughout its developmental stages.


          At our core, we're driven by a profound love for dogs. We're committed to delivering the highest quality luxury dog collars. Additionally, we collaborate with multiple providers to ensure your furry friend has access to top-notch health-supporting supplements and muscle-building equipment available in the market.

Our dedicated team consistently puts in the effort to meticulously pack each order with care and attention to detail. We take immense pride in guaranteeing that every package is prepared with the highest level of care before it begins its journey to your doorstep.

Yet our dedication to your satisfaction doesn't end there. We recognize that queries or uncertainties can surface anytime. Our helpful and well-informed team stands prepared to aid you, ensuring that your interaction with HDK LUX PRODUCTS remains as seamless as possible.

Understanding the profound connection as dog enthusiasts, we recognize the paramount importance of your beloved pets. It's this understanding that drives us to create our high-performance dog food using premium ingredients, aiming to energize their vitality and nurture their inherent strengths. We invite you to join us on this path, working together to unlock your dog’s maximum potential with HDK LUX Products.

Why Opt for HDK LUX Products?

HDK LUX Products sources from Xdog, incorporating research-backed elements that bolster muscle recovery, performance, and overall canine health.

Family-Owned and Operated: HDK LUX Products proudly remains family-owned, veteran-owned, and operated at every stage.

Direct Engagement: Ordering from ensures direct collaboration with us throughout your journey. Our expert support team is dedicated to assisting you.

The Choice of Professionals: Trusted by champion breeders endorsed by UKC, AKC, and ABKC (such as the Unique Bullys from the UK, Hell Hound Bullies, Texas Strong Kennels, and Billionaire Bully Club), HDK LUX Products is also relied upon by search and rescue units, veterinarians, leading law enforcement agencies, and the US Navy Seals.

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