XDOG™ V3 Health Enhancement Harness™️ [Weight & Fitness Vest]

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Size X-Small (16-24 lbs)
Color Black


  • WORLD’S GREATEST DOG HARNESS: The XDOG VEST provides over 50 Health Benefits both physically and mentally to enhance your dog's life. If you are looking to improve your dog’s health, build muscle, ignite performance levels, address dog anxiety or behavior issues then the XDOG Vest is a perfect tool to help you reach your goals. As soon as your dog is wearing the XDOG Vest it is immediately receiving the health benefits of fitness training by combining weight resistance with elastic resistance
  • CALM DOWN HIGH ENERGY DOGS NATURALLY: Most High Energy Dogs can be problematic and destructive around the house due to pent up energy that they are trying to release. As soon as your dog is wearing the XDOG VEST it immediately has a job and is now working for every movement. All it takes is about 260 seconds a day to put the XDOG VEST on and take it off which makes it easy to create a solution for dog behavior issues. The bonus benefit is that you are also exercising your dog at the same time.
  • BUILD HEALTHY MUSCLE & LONGEVITY: The best and most natural way to build healthy muscle is through resistance training. Building muscle is important because as dogs age muscles deteriorate. Studies have proven that muscle is the key to longevity and a better overall quality of life. Greater conditioned muscles also support joint health and longevity as it reduces pressure on joints. Exercise also helps slow down the aging process of living cells and can lower the risk of health related diseases.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE LEVELS INSIDE & OUT: If you compete in dog sports and want to improve your dog’s performance levels then resistance training is a great way to break through performance plateaus. The XDOG Vest has shown to increase speed, jumping distance, and endurance. Exercise is a natural way to support a healthy heart, organ function, mental health and improve digestion. Resistance training can also lower the risk of injuries by keeping joints lubricated and improving joint flexibility.
  • DOG ANXIETY & MENTAL HEALTH: The XDOG VEST is not only a great fitness tool, but also a great dog anxiety harness as well. The XDOG Vest combines warming or cooling compression, weight that mimics a hug, exercise to release endorphins and positive object association which creates more feel good chemicals in the brain. The XDOG VEST provides safe, proven and natural ways to address dog anxiety. The XDOG VEST may help dogs that are scared of thunder, fireworks, loud noises or new environments.