Bully Max Performance Chews

  • $39.99

The world's most advanced muscle builder for dogs. Bully Max performance chews are the most convenient and most effective way of packing muscle onto your dog. Vet-approved for all breeds & ages (12 weeks & older).

Why choose Bully Max?

  • MOST ADVANCED: Contains 17 powerful muscle building ingredients
  • MOST TRUSTED: Used by over 393,932 dog owners including top breeders, K9 Units, & Vets
  • EASIER TO USE: Tasty soft chews. NO mixing, NO measuring, NO spillage.
  • ALL-NATURAL: Unlike other brands, Bully Max contains NO creatine or steroids.
  • NO FILLERS OR CHEAP INGREDIENTS: NO corn, NO soy, NO wheat, NO fillers.

As seen on NBC, CBS, New York Post, Good Morning America, FOX, and ABC.

Benefits of Bully Max Performance Chews:

  1. Builds lean muscle mass
  2. Maximizes growth
  3. Enhanced immune system safeguarding your dog from infections
  4. Improved metabolism & keener eyesight
  5. Extend endurance
  6. Speeds recovery
  7. Effective oxygen delivery
  8. Post-surgery trauma
  9. Ideal for K9 athletes & dogs needing to muscle up


Can all breeds use this product? Yes, Bully Max is suitable and effective for all breeds.

How old does my dog have to be to use it? 12 weeks or older.

Is it safe? Yes. Unlike other brands, we do not use artificial ingredients, steroids, or creatine. Bully Max builds muscle naturally.

How long until I see results? 7 weeks.

How long can I use it? Year round.

Do I need to workout my dog? No, but workouts increase the results. We recommend spring poles and flirt poles.

If I stop using it will results go away? No, the results gained while using Bully Max will not be lost when you discontinue use of the product.

What food should I feed my dog while using Bully Max? For maximum results, use Bully Max high performance dog food.