Bully Max Muscle Builder for Dogs

  • $29.99

The original Bully Max Muscle Builder for dogs. Vet approved for all breeds & all ages. Guaranteed fresh for 3 years from the date of purchase. Brand new, & sealed. Directly from the manufacturer. 100% safe & natural (no side effects).

Why Choose Bully Max? Simply put, Bully Max is the best-selling, highest-rated, and most effective muscle-building supplement for dogs in the world.

And there are 6 big reasons why we continue to lead the pack when it comes to helping dog owners like you to build bigger, stronger, healthier dogs:

  • More Muscle-Building Ingredients: Bully Max contains 19 powerful muscle-building ingredients—more than any other brand!
  • No Hidden Ingredients: Our products contain NO mystery ingredients. Every ingredient is clearly listed on the bag.
  • Tested by a Third-Party Lab: All our formulas are tested by the University of Kentucky for purity, safety, and quality.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Bully Max is the only brand that guarantees results in writing. If you don’t love the results, it’s FREE.
  • Trusted by Veterinarians: Bully Max is the only brand formulated and approved by real, working veterinarians.
  • 100% Safe & All-Natural: We use only all-natural ingredients with NO artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
WHAT IS BULLY MAX? Bully Max is a chewable muscle building tablet. You feed it to your dogs daily, just like a treat. Dog love the beef flavored taste.

CAN ALL BREEDS OF DOGS USE BULLY MAX? Yes. All breeds of dogs ages 7 weeks and older can use Bully Max.

IS IT SAFE? Yes, Bully Max is 100% safe. It's formulated by veterinarians and meets all FDA standards. There are no side effects. 

HOW LONG UNTIL I SEE RESULTS? Results are seen within 3 weeks. You will continue to see results for as long as you use the product. It's safe to use year round.

DO YOU NEED TO WORK YOUR DOG OUT?Spring pole and flirt pole workouts will increase the results. However, they're not required.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STOP USING BULLY MAX? You can stop at any time. The results will not be lost.