Bully Max (1 Bottle) | Gorilla Max (2 Bags)

  • $119.99

The Bully Max & Gorilla Max combo pack 

What You Get:
  • 2 bags of Gorilla Max (30 servings in each bag)
  • 1 Bottle of Bully Max (60 tablets)
Benefits of the Bully Max & Gorilla Max combo pack:
  • Builds Muscle: Packs on lean muscle mass
  • Boosts Growth: Maximizes the growth of growing dogs
  • Boosts health: Improves immunity, skin, coat, and digestion
  • 100% Safe: all natural and veterinarian approved

Why Choose Bully Max & Gorilla Max?

  1. MORE MUSCLE BUILDING INGREDIENTS: Contains 19 powerful muscle building ingredients (more than any other product). These include ZMA, EAAs, & BCAAs.
  3. VETERINARIAN FORMULATED: The ONLY veterinarian formulated muscle builders.
  5. 100% SAFE: Contains NO harmful ingredients (such as creatine or steroids).
  7. BETTER RATED: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on unbiased reviews.
  9. BETTER GUARANTEE: Get results you love in 30 days or your money back.
  11. HIGHER QUALITY PROTEIN: We use whey protein isolated. It has a biological value rating of 159 (The highest out of any other protein source in the world).
The True Label Guarantee
All Bully Max™ and Gorilla Max™ brand products have the benefit of Full Label Disclosure. This means that every ingredient that is used is clearly listed on each label. You will never find proprietary blends on our labels (Also known as "Mystery ingredients").


Is it safe / are there side effects? Bully Max and Gorilla Max are completely safe and veterinarian approved. We use all natural, human grade ingredients. 
Can all breeds use it? Yes, Bully Max & Gorilla Max are designed for all breeds of dogs 
How old does my dog have to be? 12 weeks or older. There is no age limit. 
How long until I see results? 3 weeks. The longer you use it, the more results you'll get.
What happens if I stop using it? The results will not be lost. You can use it for as little or as long as you would like.
Do I need to workout my dog? No. Workout aren't required. However they will increase the results. We recommend spring pole workouts.
How do I feed it to my dogs? Bully Max comes in a chewable flavored tablet. You feed it to your dog just like a treat. Gorilla Max can be mixed with water & poured onto your dog's food. Gorilla Max can also be mixed with plain yogurt.