Bono Sports

Bono Sports

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Designer Doggie Colognes smell like the real thing! These quality colognes keep dogs smelling fresh and clean between baths or visits to the groomer. Safe and easy to apply, and the fragrance won’t fade fast. Packaged in a 4 oz spray container. Designer Doggie Colognes are available in the scents listed below.  

  • CK-9 smells like CK-1
  • Pucci smells like Gucci
  • Timmy Holedigger smells like Tommy Hilfiger
  • Bono Sports smells like Polo Sports
  • Aramutts smells like Aramis
  • Beautifur smells like Beautiful
  • Bonique Waggly smells like Clinique Happy
  • Miss Claybone smells like Liz Claiborne
  • White Dalmatians smells like White Diamonds
  • DGNY smells like DKNY
  • Arfmani smells like Armani
  • Cool Dog smells like Cool Water
  • True Dog smells like True Star
  • Aqua di Dog smells like Acqua Di Gio
  • Bone Envy smells like Envy
  • Woofy smells like Lovely

Spray between shoulder blades. Avoid areas prone to licking.  In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water.