What are you benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet?

There are many reasons for choosing a Raw Diet, here are just a few of the potential health benefits:

  • A reduction of general allergy symptoms
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Better weight control through improved digestion
  • Improved pancreatic and bowel health
  • Improved skin and coat due to a diet containing natural oils
  • Superior liver function due to digestion of natural vitamin K.
  • Smaller and fewer stools generated by a more natural gut absorption which in turn creates a more fortified immune system.
  • All-round increase in energy and stamina levels, allowing greater mobility especially in older animals,

Feeding your dog a raw diet is the biological appropriate diet for canines. This means less trips to the vets and in so doing saving money all with a happier dog.

How to switch to a raw diet?

Switching your pet to a raw diet is very straight forward. We advise all our new starters to miss a meal of their current food and to start the raw the following day.

Starting with such proteins as chicken turkey you can add a new protein every 5-7 days. It is always best to take things slowly and not to put too much variety into your pet to start.
The diet should consist of red meat, white meat, fish, bones and offal which should be balanced over a two week period.  As long as you are feeding a wide varied diet your pet will be getting all they need.
We DO NOT recommend mixing raw with dry kibble as this can cause digestive issues due to the different digestive rates between raw and dry food.
If your dog is initially unsure of the new raw food, DON’T WORRY! Give them 10 minutes to eat the meal and if they don’t, remove, cover, refrigerate and then re-offer it to them again around 4 hours later. This can be repeated several times a day.

How much do i feed my dog?

As a general rule of thumb you would feed an adult dog 2.5% of it’s adult body weight. For example an adult dog weighing 30 kilos (66lbs) would be fed 0.75 kilos or 1lb 6.5oz daily. If he is overweight or underweight you would adjust the percentage fed to compensate for this. Puppies between 7 and 10 weeks you should be between 8.5% and 10% The older the puppy gets the more the food is decreased as his bodyweight will increase.

Is raw feeding not a feasible option?

If raw feeding is not something that suits you or your dog, we would highly recommend using the variety of products. They have a great selection of very high quality nutrition content which also comes in a range of options and sizes to suit all dogs.

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